About the boots.

About the boots.

Recently, before a location session at one of our large business clients, the marketing director threw this question at me. “Are you gonna wear those BOOTS  again?” It was then that I realized I had some explaining to do.


So footwear is a problem for me. My feet are weird, and they don’t at all tolerate pointy-toed, high-heeled shoes.  Also, my work is very physical. When I’m shooting, I can be climbing on ladders, laying on the ground, or racking up miles in the city or the park. Constricting, high-heels just don’t cut it.

It was a real light-bulb moment when my high-school age daughter introduced me to Doc Martens about ten years ago.  She continues to rock them way better than I do, but ever since I put them on, nothing feels as good. And so, clunky and fashion-backward as they are, these boots and others like them are my footwear of choice.  I feel somewhat apologetic when I’m wearing them, because they certainly don’t say ‘successful’ the way those god-awful constricting heels do, but I feel like me in them, and I feel strong, and I can do my job better.

So that’s the deal with the boots.

Dana Romano