Urban family sessions: portraits with attitude.

Urban Family Sessions: Portraits with attitude

We love experimenting with out-of-the box concepts for our family portraits.  And when we bounced our Urban Session idea off our client Tammy, she was completely on board: “I loved the idea…it’s SO our family.”  Immediately the talk turned to clothing…Jeans? Dresses? Boots? Once all those decisions were made, we took Tammy, husband Bo, and kids Brenna, Zach and Abbie to Broad Street, just before sunset for that super-flattering sweet light.  Having done the City Hall shot a gazillion times with our brides back in the day, we loved the twist of doing it with an entire family. From there we made our way down Broad, using gorgeous building facades, cool alleyways, and funky graffiti as backdrops for these magazine-ish looks. With the final artsy images from our session, we created a statement-making Canvas Wall Collage for Tammy’s home, an heirloom album they’ll always treasure, and even fun holiday cards for her to share with family and friends. All good!  

Dana Romano